IKEA Hack: Kilby desk shelf

A while ago I replaced my old IKEA Kilby bookshelf with two Billy shelves. Kilby is the low-cost intro model, but it has served me well, and so I thought this would be a great time to do my first own IKEA Hack. I wanted to turn it into a desk shelf for my Mikael desk so I can place my MIDI keyboard under the monitors and speakers.

Of course the spacing between the screwed shelves did not match the exact width of the Mikael desk, and so originally I thought I would cut the side boards to the right width and then drill some holes near the cut end. But as it turned out the spacing between the two screwed shelves was wide enough for my keyboard, and so I simply left one side as an overhang:

P1040312 P1040316

I then cut the shelves into about 20cm high legs:


I was a bit worried about the weight of the speakers and monitors, so I nailed a piece of the Kilby’s back plane for stabilization, similarly to the Mikael desk’s back stabilizer board:


And voila: my keyboard has a new home. The shelf is high enough that I can actually play without having to move it out from under the shelf.


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